About Us

Midwest Acutech is a low voltage telecommunications company that opened its doors December 2013.  Mike Stephens and Jason Pike had a vision to provide the best service to customer at a low price.  It all started in a garage and small home office for the first six months year.  Once the company started to grow they decided to move into a larger office space and warehouse which is where they currently have the company headquarters.

In March of 2015 Midwest Acutech hired its first full time employee by the name of Dave Matz.  Dave came to the company with over 25 years in the CATV/telecommunications field.  He has been a vital part of the company tackling many large projects and coming out of each one of them will customer satisfaction.  Midwest Acutech hired its next full time employee in November of 2015.  Alex Templeton has been a great addition to the team and is very eager to learn all types of information to help build the business. 

2015 was a very exciting year for Midwest Acutech.  In March Midwest Acutech purchased the company McGee Technology Solutions.  With the cooperation from Brad McGee, it made for a very smooth transition for all customers and employees involved.

As we closed out the 2015 calender Midwest Acutech made its biggest move in the Northern Iowa area to date with the merger of Stephens Communications.  This was a major accomplishment for Mike Stephens as his father was the founder of Stephens Communications back in 1989. 

With the new year beginning we look forward to see what will come along.  We cannot thank all of our customer enough.  The ones that have been with us since the beginning and the many that have joined us along the way!

Thank you

Jason Pike & Mike Stephens


(641) 201-1657